Cannot escape * in bolditalic markdown


(Apparently Archetype) #1



Expected output:

Actual output:

Golfed example:



Edit: additional information:

this line ***\**** is incomplete

this line * is incomplete


It’s so broken it’s almost beautiful.

For the record:

new RegExp("\\\\\\" + match[0], "g")

= bad idea, if your match[0] is *. Though judging by the fact that it works only for asterisks, I assume it’s mishandling **** by matching the first three somewhere, and the last three somewhere else. I can’t for the love of deities figure out that code, though.


Here’s a similar asterisk issue, but I don’t know if the fix will be related.


[quote="JazzyJosh, post:29, topic:4963"]
Come on now, using *\*Markdown isn't that hard\** You have to escape both of the inner asterisks.

Apparently I have to keep typing because post must be at least 20 characters.


TRWTF is that it *\*doesn't\** chop off the rest of the line but rather only some random amount of characters.


This thing is sitting in limbo. Meanwhile, Discourse eats the text of users’ posts.

What’s the deal, guys?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

The workaround is to use HTML tags if you need an asterisk inside bold and italic.

(Apparently Archetype) #9

So i take it that this means this markdown parsing bug is being resolved as WONTFIX then?

that does not seem right.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

No, it’s just low priority because it’s very obscure and there is a workaround.




Take your pick.

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Merry Christmas

Also cc @eviltrout

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