Cannot Get Mailgun to send admin email

(Dbwest) #1

I am seeing the Discourse setup screen and attempting to send the admin email.

I have configured TXT, MX, and CNAME records for my domain and used the script with the credentials and smtp supplied by mailgun.

In addition I have opened ports for my Google Compute Engine instance with the discourse server on it for HTTP HTTPS and 587 for the SMTP (as configured when I ran the setup script.)

Still no emails.

What gives? Please help. Is there a Slack, IRC or Discourse channel or some other chat as well?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Switch to port 2525 as google is blocking 587 from their end.

Read more here:

(Dbwest) #3

I’ll try it. Thanks @itsbhanusharma!

Looks like this page will help as well:

(Bhanu Sharma) #4

You don’t really need to set up postfix and stuff as advised in that article by google.

Just edit your app.yml, rebuild and You’d be golden :wink:

(Dbwest) #5

Thanks. That worked!