Cannot log in or create a new account

Hello. I’m setting up my first forum and I make a mistake! I’m not sure exactly what I did but I’m hoping someone can suggest a way out.

I have correctly installed my Discourse forum, set up SSL, and I was logged in as admin to setup categories, welcome topics, etc. I made some unknown change to the log in options. I decided to log out of admin and log in as a new user to see what it looks like to a non-admin.


Not only can I not create a new account, I also cannot log back in at all! Both the Create Account and Log In pop ups have no fields in them. See the screen shot below.

How can I log in from my terminal and fix this? What settings do I need to set/change? Note, I can follow instructions to use the command line, but I’m not well versed and do not fully know my way around, so I appreciate as much specifics as possible.

Thank you in advance for any insight/help you can provide.


Go to to log in for now.
Then, check the site settings. Did you disable enable local logins by any chance?


You are a life saver! I did not know about login in that way. Yes, it seems I had managed to disable that setting. I thought it meant something else. It’s all working now the solution was totally simple. Thank you very much!

Maybe we should add a warning in that setting, I have seen this happen cough three times now, cc @supermathie :wink:

EDIT: I changed it to:

Enable local username and password login based accounts. This must be enabled for invites to work. WARNING: if disabled, you may be unable to log in if you have not previously configured at least one alternate login method.


Currently, i am using “Enable local username and password login based accounts.”.

If i disable local login setting, and only enable facebook login then what will happen to old accounts and their post.