Cannot select "X posts in topic" filter if profile is private

I’m referring to this:

That button is not available for users that have their profile set to private. (Following image is from since I already knew a user with a private profile there.)


To me this is borderline feature request. They asked for privacy and got privacy :wink:

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Hmm, not sure I agree with that. They are writing posts that any logged in user (and depending on the category, even anonymous users) can read. So it’s hard to argue that they should expect privacy for these posts. It just makes the process of finding other posts by that user in the topic more tedious, but it can already be done anyway.

By the way, did you change the category of this topic? I don’t remember how I categorized it, but the edit history from your edit isn’t showing a change in category or any other change, which is odd.

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@codinghorror’s call here, I am not strongly against changing this, but it will not happen for at least 4-8 weeks.


I did indeed change it to UX, was this not there?

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It wasn’t there yesterday, but now it’s back. So strange.