Cannot use Cloudflare proxy with my installation

I’ve 2 container setup with Nginx set outside the container. SSL/Https is working ok thru outer nginx.

Now if I use cloudflare’s proxy, then my discourse site stops and default nginx welcome msg file is served. And if I toggle a button inside cloudflare settings (so that its role just remains as a DNS forwarder), so that ‘yellow’ cloud icon becomes a black & white cloud icon (DNS Only mode), my site again starts working.

Note: I’ve not changed anything in my app.yml regarding Cloudflare (thinking that that change was needed only if I configured some push type CDN, something like ‘Fastly’)

We strongly advise you not to use the Cloudflare proxy. It causes more problems than it solves.


Ok. Thanks.
Then I’d really stop it using.
But could you just tell if no ‘pull’ type CDN work or problem is with Cloudflare only?

And if recommendation of ‘Fastly’ is still valid?

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Any other pull CDN should work fine, but you want to ensure you set it as a CDN in your configuration rather than putting it on your main site’s URL.

e.g. for

  • goes directly to the application server
  • we have a CDN that also points to the application server:
  • we also have a CDN that points to the S3 assets bucket, but you would ignore this unless you also have uploads on S3