Can't access own profile pages due to ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

(Adam Capriola) #1

I am getting this error:

When I try to access any URL like this:

I can visit the profile of any other user though. When I disable SSO I am able to access my profile pages, so I believe this is related to SSO. I am on the latest build of Discourse.

(Kane York) #2

If you look at the network requests in the inspector, what error code is being returned? It probably isn’t 404, so…

(Adam Capriola) #3


Hmmm, seems like it might be an ad blocker that I recently installed causing this actually. Weird that disabling SSO fixed it too. All good now, thanks for the help!

(Kane York) #4

Hah, I had issues in development with my ad blocker blocking track_click.js which just so happens to be integral to Discourse starting up.

And links working. That’s also an important thing.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Hmm maybe we should change the name of that function if it is blocked by default?

(Kane York) #6

Nah it only shows up in development, where every file is loaded instead of being packed together. And it’s easily fixed, and I think it was because µBlock doesn’t have as many exclusion lists. I have to disable it on a few domains.