Can't access site via DNS name

Hi, I have install a Discourse droplet with DO, everything is set, I have this message: Discourse is now installed. Log into your admin account in a browser to continue configuring Discourse
But when entering the IP on Browser it doesn’t works, Page not Found.
How can I get into my account? What can I do so?

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Have you entered the domain name of your Discourse? (say, or wherever you set it up?

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Yes, both IP and domain name and Page is not found.

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Accessing Discourse via IP address isn’t supported. I’ve updated the title as this isn’t how you should be accessing your instance.

You’re going to need to troubleshoot your DNS entry. How was this instance installed?

If you can share the DNS name and droplet IP it will be easier to help you.

Are you using a reverse proxy, or CloudFlare?