Can't access Sub Domain

(Ryan Gennrich) #1

I have been configuring my discourse install all day accessing directly with the ip in my browser. My sub domain I have allocated for the forum won’t connect. I figured it was going to take a while but it has been about 30 hours since I set the records with my domain provider.

With my domain provider I have added an A record with the subdomain like pointing to the ip of my server I have with digital Ocean.

I’m not sure if I had to but I added name servers for the subdomain as well, the same ones for the initial domain. I did this under the NS records section with my provider.

I have set the discourse_hostname to:

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

I doubt that. You don’t share your domain name, so we can’t help.

I think you can test it here:

(Ryan Gennrich) #3

Why do you doubt the hostname is correct? I just checked it, and it is the same as my subdomain.

Here is what the test returns. It looks like something is up with the name servers?
Maybe I shouldn’t be assigning name servers to the forum subdomain? I used the same 3 as is default for my standard domain.

  "Status": 2,
  "TC": false,
  "RD": true,
  "RA": true,
  "AD": false,
  "CD": false,
  "Question": [
      "name": "",
      "type": 12
  "Comment": "Lame delegation to name server [,,,,,]."

(Michael Brown) #4

That is correct - you should not do that. You should only have A/AAAA records for it.

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

Oops. What i doubted was that you’d created the A name correctly. It looks like I quoted the wrong sentence.

(Ryan Gennrich) #6

Okay about 12 hours ago I made the change so that the only record is an a record pointing to and to the ip address of the droplet. It isn’t working still. The main website still works fine but the subdomain won’t load.

(Michael Brown) #7

It works for to me… I think?

(Ryan Gennrich) #8

Ya that’s it. I tried on chrome and it works. I am currently on Mozilla, it looks like it is auto filling with http:// and therefore it isn’t working. It wasn’t showing me this on in the search bar but instead on the page so I didn’t notice. I deleted the autofill but I still can’t get it to load on Mozilla.

I set up my main domain maybe a year ago so I don’t remember this stuff.Just wait longer wait for it to work with http://www or https://www?