Can't change trust level

(Nathan Rijksen) #1

When trying to change the trust level of a user all I get is “There was a problem changing the user’s trust level.”

Checking the response with network inspector it just seems to return a standard html page with <h1 class="page-not-found">The page you requested doesn&#39;t exist or is private.</h1>

(Robin Ward) #2

I think the issue here is you are trying to demote a user below the trust level they’ve already obtained which we can’t do, as they would just be promoted again.

The error message isn’t helpful so I have corrected it in this commit to be more descriptive:

(Mittineague) #3

I was able to demote the TL of one of my test accounts (was ver at the time).

My guess is that a member can’t be demoted to a TL they never had. i.e.

user_x invited and started at TL2 - can’t be demoted to TL1

(Robin Ward) #4

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