Can't delete 'About the category' topics

(James Cook) #1

I’m struggling to delete the auto generated topics for each category ‘About the CategoryName category’. Any ideas? I have unpinned them but they still won’t delete.

Even for other topics, when I select the topic and click delete, I get no confirmation and have to refresh the page to see it’s been deleted.

(Jens Maier) #2

These topics are not deletable on purpose. Discourse uses the first post in the description topic to store the category’s description, and if the topic were missing, things within Discourse would break.

If you don’t want your users to see these topics, simply unpin and unlist them. They’ll only show up for moderators and admins.

Cannot delete an empty category with identical slug name
(James Cook) #3

Ok, slightly strange way of working if you ask me.

Surely would make more sense to store the category description on the category.

However, thanks for the heads up.

(Uwe Keim) #4

This was strange on the first look for me, too.

After getting used to it, I think it is a pretty neat idea.

(If they only would have made it more “logical”, since some texts are still editable through /admin/customize).

(Kane York) #5

The category description topics provide the title-text when you hover over a category ‘badge’ :grinning:

(Sam Saffron) #6

Keep in mind that the category definition topic are also a place to discuss the category, why does it exists? what goes there? and so on.

You can always make it invisible, unpin it or wait for it to drop way down your list if you insist.

(Kane York) #7

Actually, it’s been suppressed in enough contexts to make it hard to use it for discussing the category. I remember discussions in the definition topics only being visible in my Unread tab after I’ve visited it and marked it as tracking, never in Latest.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

There is less overall need for discussing the category than we thought there would be. You can always get to it by visiting the category proper though, it is pinned per category.

Plenty visible enough, for example here is a category on Imgur…

(Andrei Cristof) #9

You are right, it’s useful to have. I think this thread raises interesting food for thought - it’s good to have this kind of category definition topic to discuss it, for some cases - but in general I prefer having a choice, pretty much like the Unix philosophy, e.g. Unix command line - it gives users some tools (cat, grep), and users combine them as desired with pipes, instead of tools based on assumptions “this should be always on top because it makes sense, so we enforce it” etc.

I unlisted and unpinned as you suggested and am happy with the result, as I feel that for my use case (discourse as blog) it’s not useful to have this topic (there’s no one to discuss it) but yeah, just my 0.02 cents on the reasoning.