Can't Delete user after update to 2.7.0.beta9

In 2.7.0.beta8 Work great but after updated to 2.7.0.beta9 I can’t delete spam user. How to fix that?
The user is spam on create new account many time and post nothing.
Screenshot for error

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Did the user create a post that ended up in your site’s review queue? If so, did you try deleting the user directly from the review queue, or have you just tried deleting the user from their admin user page?

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Sir @simon there is no post that ended up in my site’s review queue. and I tried deleting the user from admin user page. should I downgrade to 2.7.0.beta8 or you have other ways to solve it?

Sorry for the delayed reply. I had meant to get back to you last week about this question:

No, you should not downgrade your Discourse site’s version. There will be other ways of dealing with the issue. You may have to use the rails console to delete the user. Let us know if you have still been unable to delete the user and someone from the community will be able to advise you about how to delete the user from your site’s rails console.