Can't disable link tracking on runtime generated links


Just upgraded to the latest Discourse.

I can’t seem to disable external link tracking. It keeps forwarding links I add to /clicks/track e.g.:

But then that shows a blank page.

The thing is that I add links in the HTML on run time in JS, to make city names link to Nomad List. The issue is that those links are the ones where external link tracking stays on. So I think it’s a JS capture that goes wrong because I add the links on runtime.

Any idea what I should do to fix this?


@pieterhoogenboom - they are familiar with that issue. I’ve asked the same thing, and they replyed that they are working on it to find proper solution that will fix that. So all we can do is to wait for hotfix :smile:

(Emma Lejeck) #3

Is this still not fixed? It seems like it’d be one line of JS to disable link tracking on <a> tags with a class like dont-track-link, a line I’d be more than happy to send in (since I’m hitting this)

I should mention that adding lightbox class will prevent this, but also adds additional unwanted styling.

Edit: just submitted a PR