Can't disable warning about 512x512 icon

Since 2.2.0.beta8 admins are regularly spammed with “Your site is missing a 512 × 512 icon” until such an icon is uploaded. There does not seem to be any way to silence the message. Given that the icon is only used by Android to add the site to the homescreen, it’s not super important for the average site. IMO the annoyingness of the current behavior exceeds its usefulness.

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Since discourse is a PWA, this is super important.

That’s a stretch, we see very few users placing homescreen icons, particularly after they find out about the Discourse Hub app.

That said, it’s better to have an icon in place. It’s certainly quicker to upload an icon than create topics complaining about a message which is in itself complaining about the lack of an appropriately-sized icon.


I know it’s a fairly tiny sample size but since the app doesn’t support notification for self-hosted Discourse my community (~30 people) have all added the forum to home screen so it is super important for us to have a proper icon.

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There is, you can silence it by adding the relevant icon in 512×512 size


Perhaps I’m in a tiny minority here, but I have a couple of Discourse instances which are used for project collaboration and neither have any logos or custom theme settings, the default Discourse logo is fine, since the instances are just referred to as Discourse anyway.

It seems a little odd that omitting all of those other assets has never caused any problems, yet a missing Android logo now triggers repeated warning messages. If there’s a default fallback asset for the other logos, why not this Android icon too?

Admittedly this is an incredibly minor hardship, it’s more that I don’t understand why this particular asset gets special treatment, especially as a custom loading icon for Android hardly seems like a necessity.


The strategy here is giving time for old sites to fix their instances. Since Google demands a high-res icon to allow PWA install, we put the warning there and the Discourse admins have a chance to fix their sites. And that is something most websites want since it increases engagement:

Time spent is up by 40% compared to the old mobile web experience, user-generated ad revenue is up 44% and core engagements are up 60%.
Source: A Pinterest Progressive Web App Performance Case Study

Since we just released a new stable last month, we can start shipping a new default icon before shipping the next one, because all new sites have the opportunity to add the icon on the wizard.