Can't edit Topic name

(Terry Cox) #1

If you edit the name of a Topic using the pencil icon next to the Topic name, or the edit topic button, it immediately reverts to the original text.

Working OK here, but not on my just patched installation…

Ah, actually, it is doing something odd here too, if you edit the body of the message, the topic name remains correct in the edit field, but reverts to an old version temporarily at the top of the page. Race condition?

(Sam Saffron) #2

hmmm not able to reproduce on my local did you try refreshing the page, are you still logged on?

(Terry Cox) #3

Ah, after logging off and on again, I notice that when I navigate to the topic, I get the collapsed ‘You have a draft post in progress’ bar. If I open this, commit the change, navigate away and then come back again, the title has returned to its original state and I get the same draft post bar back again.

(Sam Saffron) #4

hmmm odd, if you abandon that draft does it all start working?

(Terry Cox) #5

Abandoning the draft stops the cycle of draft messages reappearing, however I now have steps to reproduce and it’s a boundary case:

  1. Create a new Topic with a title that is longer than the minimum length. Save it.
  2. Click the ‘edit the title and category of this topic’ pencil. Reduce the title length to less than minimum. Save.
  3. The title is updated to the shorter length.
  4. Navigate to ‘Popular’. The title of the message has returned to the original length and content.

Alternate flow:

  1. Click the ‘edit this post’ button.
  2. Shorten the message title. Save your changes.
  3. The dialog closes but the message title is unchanged. No sign of a draft message bar.
  4. Navigate away. Message title still unchanged.
  5. Navigate back to the topic. ‘draft post in progress’ bar is at bottom of page.

So, it’s about length checking and enforcement…

(Sam Saffron) #6

That sounds like a bug to me … recategorizing

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Verified on just now – the above step now fails with “title is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive”.

Alternate flow does not work either, blocked at step 2 with “title must be at least 15 characters long” bouncing notify.

So fixed.

(Jeff Atwood) #8