Can't find setting for "daily summary" mailing list emails anymore

(Leah Kramer) #1

Hello. We have Discourse 1.8.0. I just noticed that users no longer can choose to receive “daily summary” emails in the Mailing List mode area of their Preferences. The only options seem to be to receive “every email.” Has this daily summary feature been eliminated?

(We host our forum at Not sure exactly if they just upgraded 1.8.0.)

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

(Leah Kramer) #3

Ah ha, Thanks for the clarification. We relied on that feature pretty heavily but we’re going to see if we can have someone write a custom plugin to do it.

(Leah Kramer) #4

I have another related question –

In the upgrade script for 1.8.0 did all of the people who were signed up for “mailing-list daily summary emails” get converted to the “when I don’t visit here - daily” email setting?

(We need a way to write a query / identify those people.)