Can't get Instagram video to embed

(John Reid) #1

I’m trying to get an Instagram embed on our site:

It works on iframely but just shows the link in Discourse. Is there a way that I can turn this on or am I missing something?

(Lisa Wess) #2

If you go to Admin > Settings and search for “Onebox” you’ll find three pertinent settings. You’ll need to enable onebox and whitelist for this to work. Tested successfully with images and videos.

(Robin Ward) #3

Hmm is there any reason we don’t whitelist instragram by default @codinghorror? That seems deliberate for such a big site.

(John Reid) #4

I’ve enabled the onebox flash video just in case and added to the Whitelist.

Still, when I paste I just get the link instead of the post. I’ll play a little more later - it feels like I’m missing something obvious…

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I think the Instagram TOS prevents this? Because they block Twitter from embedding their photos. @techapj can you check?

(John Reid) #6

Here are the API terms of use if that helps:

(Lisa Wess) #7

I noticed on here it works in preview but not if I submit. On our private staging site, the Instagram video shows beautifully.

(Arpit Jalan) #8

I just tried embedding Instagram video on try.discourse, and it’s working fine.

I noticed that you are appending /embed to the Instagram URL, can you try removing that?

We do whitelist Instagram by default:

(John Reid) #9

Just wanted to revisit this and say that after recent updates I tried it again and it’s all working. Crazy world.

(Régis Hanol) #10