Can't get Siteground Email and one-click droplet to work

Hi there,
could anyone list the options of debugging or applying changes, respectively?
I’ve learned that there are the docker commands:

  1. ./discourse-doctor but only find Announcing Discourse Doctor explaining it but don’t understand MAIL TEST
  2. ./launcher start app
  3. ./launcher stop app
  4. ./launcher restart app
  5. ./launcher destroy app
  6. ./launcher rebuild app
  7. docker stop app, see post 361
  8. docker rm app, see post 361
    furthermore there is the option to send a test email, if you made it through Account Activation.

But what if activation fails but swaks works as mentioned in

  1. Discourse Email does not work after fresh installation (Zoho SMTP server)
  2. Can send email from command-line but not Discourse
  3. Log says mail is sent! but it's not
  4. DigitalOcean + Siteground Email via port 465 won’t work (2525 will work)

I face that issue with Siteground Email and one-lcik droplet. Therefore I start from scratch following the install guide tightly, including recommended mail account.

After finishing with the setup I would like to change the configuration to make it work with siteground.
Which commands shall I use to do it with the least hassle, I find only Testing SMTP and watching logs? what comes close but does not answer all question?

According to Advanced Troubleshooting with Docker I understand that there are

  1. the container, containing the OS and all apps to run discourse, stored in /var/www/discourse

    1. ./launcher destroy app will destroy anything in this container, it is removed form the disk.
    2. ./launcher rebuild app will create it from scratch as defined in the bootstrap after destroying it as explained in What's the different between rebuild and bootstrap
  2. the container configuration is stored in /var/discourse/containers/app.yml. This tells the container how to configure the OS, apps and discourse.

    1. As far as I understand it is not affected by any commands listed above, isn’t it?
    2. what to i have to do, if I only change things in app.yml do?
      @pfaffman and @sam, is it enough to do
      ./launcher destroy app 
      ./launcher start app
      as I derive from What’s the different between rebuild and bootstrap and Difference between ./launcher stop ./launcher destroy? or is there even quicker approach?
  3. the database contains all user accounts, discussions and attachments. It is stored in separate folder /var/discourse/shared/standalone. Any outside action (like as rebuild) on the container does not affect the database unless you trigger something that causes database interaction.

Your likely problem is that you are sending from your forum hostname and your mail service isn’t configured for it.

Edit the app.yml and the second line from the bottom is a line that will set the email address that the forum sends from.

If you’re going to rebuild or run discourse-setup, which does a rebuild, you don’t need to destroy. If you just change the mail config, destroy, start is enough and saves you the time of rebuilding the container.

sure ??? 2nd line from the bottom is run: region

rebuild override existing files/system, so destroy it is not necessary?
destroy, start is my problem, what does start trigger, as nothing is left after destroy, what could be started :woozy_face:

Here’s the line to change:

Start starts an existing container if there is one or a new one if none exists. The easiest thing is to just always rebuild.

who can read has the power :stuck_out_tongue:

there you losing me, what is the difference between start, rebuild and ./discourse-setup

but ./launcher rebuild app is time-consuming