Cant install discourse sync base plugin

installing GitHub - berlindiamonds/discourse-sync-base: this is a basic Discourse plugin to build synchronizers for backups gives error

If the author doesn’t respond here, You’ll need to contact the author and ask them to update the plugin. You might open an issue on github.

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Oh ok I’ll make sure to do that

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I just opened up a issue on GitHub. I didn’t realize how old it was I was hoping that I would be able to use it so I can backup to Google drive. Maybe you could ping the creator here if there on here?

Oh. Sorry. I didn’t pay close attention to what plugin that was. I don’t think it’s likely that it’ll get updated. And if you were to pay to get it updated, it would cost several (or infinite) years of storage on S3.

I recommend that you use or B2 Cloud Storage: The Lowest Cost On Demand Storage As a Service for a cheap backup solution.

Why backup to S3 when you could use google drive for free they give you 15GB

Maybe backing up to Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and other places could be built-in?

That plugin hasn’t been updated for 4 years and has been broken, I think, for 3. This suggests that demand for it is . . . not that great. Backblaze give you 10GB of S3 for free last I looked; that’s not much different from Google’s 15GB and won’t eat into your free storage for backing up your Desktop. You could also contrive to backup locally and then use something external to discourse to copy stuff over to Dropbox or whatever.

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