Can't invite users to private message after it's created

(Adam Capriola) #1

Continuing the discussion from Group private messaging:

Has there been a regression here? I’m the admin on my site and I don’t see any way to add more users to a private message after it’s been started:

Unable to add existing users to private message with SSO enabled
(cpradio) #2

Not a bug, you need to be TL2 or above to be able to do this.

(Adam Capriola) #3

Thanks, I missed that topic somehow.

I actually am TL2 on my install though. And surely as an admin, that should bypass a trust level requirement anyway.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Is your instance up to date on the latest Discourse? The styling implies it is very old…

oh wait, those are quoted old images. Still, make sure you are fully on latest.

I definitely see the “Invite Others…” buttons on PMs and I am an admin here.

(Adam Capriola) #5

Yes, I did the git pull and everything (I’ve learned from before). Anyway, I figured out what I think is the bug:

If the option enable sso is enabled, you lose the “Invite Others” button. Try turning it on and off and refreshing the private message and you’ll see.

(Kane York) #6

I’m pretty sure that’s intentional - Discourse doesn’t know how to add a user to the external database!

(Adam Capriola) #7

I get that you shouldn’t be able to invite an email address to a conversation with SSO enabled, but why can’t I add a username? Having a username means the user is already in the system.

To me, it doesn’t make sense that I’m going to have to temporarily disable SSO any time I want to add more users to an active private message.

(Adam Capriola) #8

Sorry to bring this up again, but are there plans to allow inviting usernames to PMs with SSO enabled? My community is starting to warm up to Discourse, but a number of users are frustrated they can’t invite their friends to already-created PMs.

I’m just curious if this would fall under plugin territory and I should outsource or if it will eventually be in the core.

(Dean Taylor) #9

I have created a related bug report