Can't login after setting up Discourse (No Email)

(Joseph Scott) #1

After installing Discourse using DigitalOcean, I wasn’t getting the email I was suppose to get.

Although I used the SMTP information from Hostgator when prompted. (While setting up Discourse) but it didn’t work.

“Secure SMTP:
Username: Full email address.
Password: The password for the address you wish to access.
Mailserver/ Server Hostname:
Port: 465
Authentication: Normal Password Authentication”

The domain I used is (which haven’t been updated quite yet since I’ve just changed the Name Servers a couple hours ago. Gyazo - 25a062b38f785b9858cacb07ba4d4da8.png

Although, I did found a good website after finding some information about needing a mail server and set up a Mailgun account. It is successfully connected to my Discourse droplet now.

I’m not sure how I can change the email information after configuring the Discourse in Putty/FileZilla.

I found some information that could be in the (app.yml) file.

But I’m afraid to mess anything up and don’t know what to change in the file. Hopefully someone can help me clear this up. Really want my company to use this amazing software.

(Vinoth Kannan) #2

You don’t need Putty/Filezilla. You can access your console via DigitalOcean itself. see below url

Yes. To change email configuration edit /var/discourse/containers/app.yml file. If you afraid take backup of this file. For more information check below

(Joseph Scott) #3

The only problem is that I don’t know what to change since the words are different compared to discourse and Mailgun.

App.yml file: Gyazo - 64bc763f355c33dcca00d72c28b5b276.png
MailGun: Gyazo - 0b81a3d96ab964fe32f98beb5bc4377a.png

MailGun show these information:
IP Address
SMTP Hostname
Default SMTP Login
Default Password

app.yml requires:
Discourse_SMTP_Address (Do SMTP Hostname or IP Address go here?)
Discourse_SMTP_Port (What’s port?)
Discourse_SMTP_Username (Default SMTP Login go here?)
Discourse_SMTP_Password (Default Password go here?

(Vinoth Kannan) #4

have a look at Switching Your Discourse from Mandrill to Mailgun