Can't move a topic to "Uncategorized"

(William Di Luigi) #1

Our discourse instance seems to disallow moving a topic from a category to “Uncategorized”. For example, this topic was incorrectly categorized as “Tutorial”. I edited it 2 times to be “Uncategorized” but the edit didn’t work (it remained “Tutorial”). I just edited it again (for the third time) moving it to “Meta” category, and it finally worked.

(James Kiesel) #2

I just wrote a failing test for this. Anyone mind if I fix it?

(cpradio) #3

Go right ahead :smile:

(James Kiesel) #4

Hm, so for me the test failure was a result of db/fixtures/001_categories.rb not having been run on my dev instance; not sure why that was the case. I did notice that the ‘uncategorized’ option shows up in the list whether that system category has been created or not, but transferring to it fails if no category is created.

Is it possible that your ‘Uncategorized’ category has either gone uncreated or been destroyed at some point @wil93? I was able to fix by running rake db:migrate.

Here’s a gist of the test I was running which failed until the fixtures were run: Test which fails when Uncategorized category is not yet created [Discourse] · GitHub

(William Di Luigi) #5

I may have renamed it from “uncategorized” to “Uncategorized”, judging by the fact that (at least here on meta.discourse) the default category names seem to be lowercase (and I only have capitalized categories).

(Sam Saffron) #6

Name should not matter …

What happens after you run

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

(William Di Luigi) #7

Done. The issue is still there, but now it’s a little different: when I edit the topic and save it under “Uncategorized” the edit itself disappears (the edit count beside the first message doesn’t increase, and if I click it I can see the previous edits but the last edit is not there).