Can't pin 'about site feedback ' without date + moving 'welcome to'


I have disabled the auto unpin after read settings and I have gone through all my categories and pinned the ‘About category’ topics. However when I come to do the ‘Site Feedback’ category it gives me three options, pin until a date, pin globally, etc. How can I just pin this like the others? Why does this need an expiry date?

Also I have moved the ‘Welcome to site’ default thread from uncategorized to a category, will this still display on the frontpage for new users to the website? I have the category/posts screen as my first page and can’t see it if I use an incognito window.

Also I wanted to physically remove the system post (not undo) from the privacy policy page, etc, exactly as in this post: How to remove post completely? - I assume this is not possible still? If so is there a way to remove that post completely and start it again but keeping the related links these pages have within Discourse?


These topics should be pinned by default. Any change you do here…

…only affects you, and allows you to select whether a topic that has been pinned by staff shows up as pinned for you.

This dialog is what you (as staff) use to pin a topic:

All pins are timed.

It will be shown on the front page if it is pinned globally (which is the default) – a normal, category-specific pin will only affect the category page.

Correct. Why do you want to remove these posts? They are your key to editing the privacy policy and similar pages.

For pinning I can pin every thread without setting a date using the pin link on the right side when editting the topic. This works fine for every topic except the topic in the site feedback category, this one shows the 'pin until x date’s option as in your screenshot.

I understand the bottom dropdown you have shown is purely for my account.

In regards to deleting the pages, I want to keep the pages, but there is a reply to the topic which Discourse created by default which says “edit the first thread” (or something along those lines - I’m not in front of my computer right now to check). If I delete that reply it remains there highlighted red. I appreciate this is so you can undo it, but as I didn’t create it in the first place it would be useful to permanently remove it, or if not possible then delete the entire topic and setup a new one keeping the links for privacy policy, etc.

Why? What harm does it do?

There is no harm it is just my preference to remove it, looking at the other thread it appears this isn’t possible as Discourse wants a user to be able to undo something they have previously deleted, however for this particular reply the user hasn’t made that post - the system has.

Just for further clarity - it appears when you setup a new category the pinned ‘about category’ topic does not have an end date for the pin, if you unpin and repin you then must set a deadline date.