Can't prevent creation of uncategorized topics

Hi. I have unchecked the setting to allow uncategorized topics. However, if an ordinary user manually goes to /uncategorized (in my case, actually /c/uncategorized), they are still offered the ability to create a new uncategorized topic there! How can I prevent this? Thanks!

This isn’t the case. Are you absolutely sure you’re not referring to staff users who are immune to this limitation? Have you tested this as a regular non-staff user?

Yeah, I created an ordinary, unprivileged user specifically to check this.


After trying again to make sure all the settings related to uncategorized are disabled, this seems to be getting worse. It continues to appear in the hamburger menu for both staff and ordinary users. The actual page (when you click that link in the menu – /c/uncategorized) now appears as a BLANK page! I’ve been trying various recommended CSS to remove uncategorized from ordinary user hamburger menus, so far with no success. Any ideas? Thanks.

Are there any uncategorized topics? If you re-enable allow uncategorized topics and visit /c/uncategorized, do you see anything? Note that this includes the "Welcome to " topic.

I can confirm on that regular users can still see the #uncategorized category after it is disabled, if there are topics remaining in the category. Users can also click the “New Topic” button, however they cannot submit the topic without selecting a category. Attempting to submit the topic without a category selected results in an error. Once the topics are removed, uncategorized no longer appears in the hamburger menu for any users.


Earlier, /c/uncategorized was a blank white page whether or not uncategorized topics was enabled. Now it’s back to: There are no more Uncategorized topics. [Why not create a topic?]. Something must have been cached.

Anyway, there were no topics there earlier or later, but Uncategorized continued to be shown in the hamburger menu for both staff and regular users.

I can’t confirm (one way or the other) that users attempting to create a topic in uncategorized will get an error, because all submissions currently go to the moderation queue, including regular users creating in uncategorized, and it appears that staff can indeed approve those submissions so that they’ll go into uncategorized. I don’t know what would happen if moderation was turned off and I don’t want to try that right now. For sure regular users can still get to the /c/uncategorized page, whether or not any topics are in it. And of course the “users may post in uncategorized” option is off.

To eliminate all the categories from the hamburger menus of both regular users and staff, I used this ugly CSS in the Common section of my current theme CSS/Text customization:

ul.category-links.clearfix { li:nth-child(1) { display: none; } }
ul.category-links.clearfix { li:nth-child(2) { display: none; } }
ul.category-links.clearfix { li:nth-child(3) { display: none; } }
ul.category-links.clearfix { li:nth-child(4) { display: none; } }
ul.category-links.clearfix { li:nth-child(5) { display: none; } }
ul.category-links.clearfix { li:nth-child(6) { display: none; } }

Attempts to use CSS that directly targeted the category names failed to hide them.

By the way, I assume that the “FAQ - New” notice at the top of user hamburger menus will timeout at some point? If not I’ll need to figure out how to remove it. Thanks very much!

To hide a single category from the hamburger menu, add the following CSS (making sure to replace the <category_name> with the appropriate name):

.hamburger-panel li.category-link.category-<category_name> {
  display: none;

For example, to hide the #support category here on Meta, I’d add:

.hamburger-panel li.category-link.category-support {
  display: none;