Can't recieve the configuration email 🤔

(nit) #1

Hi there I am trying to setup a discourse using elasticemail but I don’t recieve the email what should I do further informations please !

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Search for “troubleshooting email on a new install” in #howto and start following steps mentioned in that guide.

Link here:

(nit) #3

I did follow the full guide still doesn’t appear to work !

(Bhanu Sharma) #4

Anything in the logs at elasticemail? Perhaps is your domain verified in their panel?


Some characters in the mail provider password might break the mail config like ‘$’ or ‘#’

I fixed a config with a new password recently

I use only letter and numbers for this part to be sure

(Marcin Puś) #6

If they leave but doesn’t arrive, please check your configuration on Elastic Email Dashboard. You should have properly verified domain. Please also check Dashboard logs to make sure that our system sees those emails. Additionally, you can always contact (free accounts invited) and check out with us. I recommend checking the above-mentioned stuff before.

(nit) #8

It doesn’t seem to work even with my own smpt server wich works all the placea and it uses SSL/TSL but in discourse just fails by using port 465 ! i don’t get it !

It supposed to work though ! Could anyone help me out why it doesn’t work with discourse-setup!

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

A common problem is that your server has outgoing SMTP traffic blocked. With services like Mailgun, you can use port 2525.

If telnet 465 fails to connect, that’s the problem.

(nit) #10

My server works super fine and it does allow connections ! Don’t u see the screenshots that I provided and I did connect via telnet !

(Jay Pfaffman) #11

My apologies if I missed something. It didn’t look like the screen shot you sent was run on your server, but perhaps I was wrong. If the telnet command that I give above works from your server, then you might try it again from the container (which I think is complicated because the image doesn’t include telnet).

(nit) #12

Is this enoght proof !