Can't remove users from trust_level_4 group

(Steven) #1

When we installed and started to learn about the discourse system, I added all of our admins to trust_level_4. Now That I understand the system a little better, I have removed several people from being admins but I can not remove them from being trust_level_4

Steps to reproduce

  1. Goto the admin page for the group /{discource url}/admin/groups/trust_level_4
  2. Remove all users but yourself and system from this group by clicking the “X” next to their name
  3. Click the Save button.


Users are not removed from trust_level_4 group.

(cpradio) #2

Okay, so those steps are true, but the reason you are having this issue is the TL groups are not normal groups. That isn’t how you remove someone from a Trust Level.

You need to go to Users, pull up the person, and change their Trust Level from 4 to whatever you want it to be. You may also need to unlock their Trust Level.

You can’t use the Group maintenance to alter a user’s trust level.

(Luke S) #3

That being the case, perhaps the bug is that the Group maintenance interface still allows you to try? Might be worth a UI topic…