Can't save "About me" in the settings

(Marco) #1

I go in the settings, write an About me sentence:


Go to see if I’ve earned the “Autobiographer” badge, and no:

Click on profile to check, and the About me sentence has gone:


(TechnoBear) #2

Without trying to edit anything, my profile shows (not-very-legible) “about me” text:

but when I look at my “preferences” page, the “about me” box is blank:

I also can’t navigate away from the preferences page; I have to close the tab.

None of this is happening on our own instance, which is still running 1.1.0.beta2.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Is this a new bug related to preference page changes @eviltrout?

(Luke S) #4

Well, not on meta, it seems. Just updated.

(TechnoBear) #5

Something has changed since I took the above screenshots on Meta yesterday; I now see

And i can now navigate away from that page normally.

(Marco) #6

Yes, it work now, topic can be closed.
Thank you, very fast!

(Jeff Atwood) #7