Can't see images or avatars

I’m unable to see some of the avatars and photos posted in the convo. This started happening yesterday around 8pm and i don’t know why. Any help?


Looking at the thread the images render fine

I would reach out to the owner because it’s really hard to troubleshoot something that’s currently working.

You scrolled down up to the 7916th post. Looks for me a client side “buffer overflow” issue. By visiting you’re site with desktop Chrome, everthing looks fine :slight_smile: (Update: on mobile Safari as well)

Have you tried to clean you’re browser cache?

Yea everything is fine on PC but I mostly use my phone which is the issue :frowning:

Do you have any steps which will reliably reproduce the issue?


No. I was just using the app as normal and after about an hour in it started to do that. I tried resetting my phone, uninstalled app and everything. But same issue.