Can't seem to edit email of newly registered user

(Thisgeekza) #1

NOTE: I solved my problem via rails console, however it would be MUCH easier if it was possible to do this in the interface.

I’ve got a user that has registered an account on my system, but they have typo’d their email address. I know this because I got a delivery failure message, and noticed the typo in the domain causing the problem. I thought it would be a simple matter to go in to the interface to edit the email address and re-send the activation email, however it seems that it is impossible to do so.

Searching meta led me in the direction of a convoluted method of either impersonating the user, or editing the email on their public profile. However, since the user has never logged in. the buttons to impersonate or view the public profile don’t exist.

I don’t think simply deleting the user and expecting them to figure out why they never received an email is the correct approach.

It is strange to me that as an admin, I can change the username and other settings of a user’s profile from the admin page, but I can’t do something as basic as editing their email address. - Perhaps there’s some philosophy behind this choice that I’m missing.

(Kane York) #2

Just checked. If you go to


(the email change form) where _username is an un-activated user, you get a 404 because the user isn’t activated yet, therefore they don’t have a real user page.

(Mittineague) #3

So the “interface” way would be ?

  • go to users Admin page and activate account
  • go to users Preferences and fix email address
  • in users Preferences Send Password Reset Email
  • in Users Admin page deactivate account

Or would a different sequence be better?

(Thisgeekza) #4

That method didn’t occur to me to try, but then again, it shouldn’t be so painful.

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I’ve got this problem today as well.

Duplicated here: