[Can't send email] Is there any way to see detailed email sending log?

(Vencent S) #1

My site suddenly can’t send mail to users today. In /admin/email/skipped I see a lot of emails saying:

[Sender] 501 mail from address must be same as authorization user

Is there any way to see detailed email sending log so I can find the exact problem?

Also, I changed “reply with email” settings yesterday. Is this related to the problem?

(Vencent S) #2

I’m sure the notification email is exactly the same as in /containers/app.yml

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

who is your mail sender? It looks like it doesn’t like the address in the from line.

(Matt Palmer) #4

What sort of detail in a log would help you here? You should know the mail from address (it’s what you configured), and the authorization user (it’s what you configured), so… are they the same, or not?

(Vencent S) #5

Is “mail from address” means “notification email” in admin panel? If so I’m sure they are the same. And that’s why I’m so confused…

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

The logs that you want to check are those generated by your mail sender. My guess is that reply by email address is the problem.