Can't zoom very much in discourse messages

(Ian Kelling) #1

When I know I’m going to be reading a few paraphraphs, I like to zoom in and make the text large so it is easy to read and focus. Many modern blogs get this and wrap text and get sidebar type things out of the way when I zoom in. I can’t get anywhere near the zoom level I want when reading in discourse. The text of the message goes off the edge of the screen where I would have to side scroll to see it. I’m using firefox 29, debian, and a 1600x2560 vertical monitor.

Also, “new users can’t upload images.” It would be nice if it told me how long i’m going to be new for.

Also, I did some browsing to my preferences while writting this, then when I clicked, “Create Topic” I got a redish popup saying “Post can’t be empty” red popup, but this post certainly was not empty. I canceled my post and am now trying a second time, lets see if it works.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You are using the standard browser zoom, yes?

I can zoom four levels (from “reset” level) and get this:

(Jens Maier) #3

This is three levels for me:

Horizontal scroll bars and some elements begin to slide off the visible area – then again, my browser window is only 1229x845 right now.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

The above screenshot I took (the dimensions are printed on it) is about ~1250px. Our design guidance for Discourse assumes a minimum browser width of ~1280px – that’s what I use.

With that width, I can zoom 3 times in Firefox with no real effect on scrollbars (it is barely scrolling at zoom 3) and zoom 4 is OK if you don’t need the right gutter often.

You may not need the items in the right gutter, so having those scroll off is fine, if you want to maximize size of the post bodies.

(Ian Kelling) #5

You are using the standard browser zoom, yes?

Yes. I can zoom in from ctrl-0 11 times before going off the edge, which is 2-3 levels above what I browse at normally. My browser lets me zoom in 19 times total. edit: it is readable, just not how I would like to read. I may be in a small minority, I don’t know.

(Ian Kelling) #6

I think its sort of 2 issues that go together, and I’m not sure which is the domintant one in my mind, I’d have to think about it more.

The zooming, and the characters per line. I picked up 2 books off my shelf and counted 72 and 78 characters across a line. I grabbed 2 lines off discourse (zoomed in as much as I could) and found 113 and 115. I like to zoom when reading wide lines like these until till it wraps the text to a chacter per line number that I am more comfortable with, more like a book.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

I agree this is important. We are sitting at around ~110 characters per line.

As @awesomerobot pointed out here there are usability studies that show a slightly higher number, closer to what we’re using, is a bit better for the web.

What you want to avoid is very wide reading columns. I don’t think anyone would call the Discourse default very wide… however, there are a few Discourse sites that override this, like cc: @hawk.

(Matches) #8

At least the desktop version can zoom, the mobile version can’t zoom unless you force your Web browser to ignore discourse settings.


Not for much longer. We’re going to conform shortly. :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Conformance not required, it is an interesting experiment. I would bump the font size up on posts, though.


It has presented a whole lot of other styling issues unfortunately.