Captcha or reCaptcha for Bitnami Discourse

(Amrutha Singh) #1


Can we have Captcha or reCaptcha on Registration page in Bitnami Discourse ?
If yes, can you please help me out with some resources for the same ?

Thanks in Advance!

(Kane York) #2

In our experience, there’s enough of an “implicit CAPTCHA” in the Discourse signup process to make relying on an external service unnecessary.

(Amrutha Singh) #3

@riking “implicit CAPTCHA” as in ?

(Kane York) #4

Implicit CAPTCHA, as in robots have had a pretty hard time completing our registration process in a completely automated way so far.

(Amrutha Singh) #5

@riking But still to ensure 0% spams, i have added akismet plugin

(Kane York) #6

Yup, Akismet is what you want to catch the human spammers hired to type spam into your forum.