Categories in subcategories

(paul) #1

I’ve read to a couple of threads with the same question. A couple of times the tag function is suiting often not.
I love the tag function and see it as a possibility to follow conversation of a simliar theme indepenend of the category they are in.

But it doesn replace sub-subcategorys. Having sub-subcategorys just makes tags more usefull.

For the purpose we’re building up the forum it’s closly not possible to handle with only one subcategory.

We’re building a network of volunteers. We have categorys concerning the full network. Some are only of interest for local purpose. Which means we have one category called glocal. Inside there every Land/town should have their own category.
…from their every local network should have the possibility to organize themselfs with the help of discourse.

Using tags here doesn’t sound very confiniend.
Tags are used to keep of track of contend free from the static categorys. As a example if you call for support the full network, you just set the tag, while the thread is still in the sub-subcategory to have informations structured and tho more easy accesable.

So I’m wondering if the interest of enabling sub-subcategorys raised during the last month.

If not how can I help to do so?`:-)

@Tom_Newsom had once a simliar wish and arguments.

@Tom_Newsom, how did you solved the issue?

(Tom Newsom) #2

We re-factored our categories to have only 2 levels of hierarchy. Works ok for us, but we’re small.

God knows how a site like Skyscrapercity would manage on Discourse. This forum is 5 levels deep (assuming root is 1st not 0th!), for example, and the site is certainly busy and busy enough to warrant it.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3


root > European > UK & Ireland Architeture > Projects and Construction > London Metro Area > The Construction > Actual Topic


On Going Constructions > Actual Topic (Tags: London)

(One level only used)

(Sara) #4

My issue is that we need our forum in 3 languages, without separating them to whole three different entities. So we basically lose one level just to separating the languages.

One additional sub-category would be so helpful in keeping our ducks in a row across the three languages.

(Daniel Nevoigt) #5

I had the same problem when thinking on how to build up the structure of my ongoing Discourse Project, as I am on the old way thinking to definitely need those Top Cats for better handling and sorting the forum categories. So I decided to to hook in a javascript/css hack to part the cats, which looks like following:


It is not a good and neither elegant solution but for me it is enough. If someone needs that, I can share that. Just tell me.