Categories missing when creating new topics after restore


We recently migrated our Discourse setup to a new VPS and we did so by utilizing the backup/restore feature, all inside Docker environments.

We migrated our data backup from a v1.4.0.beta10 installation to the same version on the new container.

Seemed fine. We then discovered a new category for uncategorized posts, which wasn’t there prior to the move. But it could be turned off.

The problem though is that it’s now impossible to create new topics. Whenever user enter a category followed by a “+New Topic” button click, the categories list to choose from is empty.

It is currently not possible to create new topics. Ideas?

(Markus) #2

Looks similar to this:

Do you have any sub-categories? Are they showing up at the category view?


All categories and sub-categories are visible at the category view, just not in the list.

(Markus) #4

Exactly my problem, except that sub-categories are visible, parent ones not.


It now looks like rebuilding the container solved this issue. We’re still interested in the root cause to this bug though. :smiley:

(Sam Saffron) #6

Just confirming, you both using fixed cat ordering, if so, what happens if you disable?

(Markus) #7

Every other category except that one I’m currently in become invisible. After reenabling that checkbox, everything is fine.

Correction: Everything is fine, just “out of order”. :wink: I was inside this specific category and the list was filtered.

Can't post into parent category