Categories move based on activity

(Steve) #1

If unchecked, categories are listed in order of activity.

Are there any additional steps that I need to take to have the categories move based on activity. They seem to be fixed despite this box being unticked. I have rebuilt the app (for another reason) with this unticked.

(cpradio) #2

How long ago did you rebuild? I think the job that updates the category page is heavily cached, so it may take it hours to update if you recently unchecked those boxes.

(Steve) #3

I rebuilt 12 hours ago. I didn’t realize there was caching involved so I can wait and see if the categories start moving. I just toggled it prior to seeing this message, so I’ll wait some more!

(Jeff Atwood) #4

It should be working here on meta, for example – the categories page should reflect which had the most recent posts, by order. It is heavily cached though.

(Steve) #5

I see it working on Meta-Discourse. I made the change 5 hours ago, so I’ll report back if it doesn’t work. Thanks.