Categories view for subcategories

(Auryn Macmillan) #1

Is it possible, and if not what are the chances of enabling a feature, to allow a categories view (like that which is available for the landing page) within a category, so as to display the top couple of posts from each sub category?

Category view on landing page:

View from within a category:


If you enable the following setting it will show subcategories with their most popular posts:

(Auryn Macmillan) #3

Awesome, thanks for the tip.

(lxk ) #4

Is it possible to alter the amount of ‘Latest’ topics shown per category in the category view?

Some categories and busy, others are less so, so the ‘latest’ topics aren’t exactly fresh


It would be useful if possible to have it selectable by category. For example I have one category that has loads of sub categories (100+) of which I would like it switched off - takes a little bit to load all of them - but with that I would like it on for the rest of the categories that only have 1-3 sub categories.

(Mittineague) #6

If you have categories that get infrequent activity, maybe you should think of changing them into Tags and moving them into other categories?


I cant sadly as the categories are linked to small private groups of 7 people and have new ones starting up constantly.


There is a semi-workaround method for this.

Enter your subcategory that you don’t want displayed as it’s own entry at the top of its’ parent category page --> Edit --> Settings tab --> enable “Hide this category from the home page”. It will still exist and you can still post to it (and see all posts within the group as always), however it won’t show up in the listing of sub-categories presented at the top of the parent category. You can still access it within the dropdown menu.

(Wolftune) #9

The first post should stay an outstanding request. The marked solution (the little boxes or lists of subcategories at the top) is only a workaround. If there are several subcategories, it pushes the latest topics list way down the page.

It would still be nice to have the same left/right view showing all the subcategories on one side and the latest posts on the other. The same as the option available for the homepage.

(As an option, it would be nice also to have a view that only showed subcategories and not the list of latest posts)