Category 'admins can see' permission not working

(Leo) #1

I’ve created a category with following permissions:

I want only admins to read/see topics in this category with no write permissions. But still admins are able to create topics & respond to topics in this category.


Admins can read / write do anyrhing anywhere as they are admins? They have control of the board.

(Leo) #3

yeah. but still it is what the permission suggests “admins can see” only. Unless admin changes the category permission, he shouldn’t see write options.

(Felix Freiberger) #4

This is not possible with Discourse. Administrators are always exempt from permission checks on all topics.

If you trust your admins, simply tell them not to reply in this category :slight_smile:
If you don’t trust your admins, you have a serious problem, and software alone cannot help you.

(Leo) #5

yeah, it makes sense. But may be this permission shouldn’t be there at first place. It is misleading/useless. :slight_smile:

(Stephen Chung) #6

Yes, I’ve always found admin to be not very useful here as admins are gods in the system without restrictions.

Staff is probably more useful as it covers moderators as well.