Category allowed only for a certain trust level

(Marco) #1

I’d like to create a category and set permissions so that only users with a certain trust level (say, 3) can post in that category, but everyone can read. That is, set per-level permissions.

How to assign trust levels to categories
(Kane York) #2

That’s easy! Give the “See” permission to the Everybody group. In fact, the howto category on Meta is set up like that.

(Marco) #3

See for everybody ok, but how do I set “post for level 3”?

(cpradio) #4

From the drop down, select Trust Level 3, and give them Can Create/Reply/See. So you should have two permissions, one for TL 3 and one for Everyone.

(Marco) #5

It’s fine. When I set the permissions for level 3, it is intended for level 3 and above? Or strictly level 3?

(cpradio) #6

TL 3 and above. I believe Staff and Mods can access it too, regardless of their TL

(Kane York) #7

No, moderators go through the same permission checks as others - so @vulkanino you should grant C/R/S to staff as well.