Category Background Image

(Rahul Dhingra) #1

May I know where “category background image” does appear ? I couldn’t spot it.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

You must be on latest. Are you on latest? Then edit the category and look for the images tab.

(Rahul Dhingra) #3

I guess i could not explain it well. i do see category background upload section. but after uploading i could not find the place where background image should appear or display (after uploading and saving the same )


P.S: Now i have a great forum software I will build a community around it :smiley:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

The background image, if specified in the Edit Category dialog, will appear on the category page – click through to the category page to see it.

(Rahul Dhingra) #5

I have figured it out. it was not showing up because some of design/theme changes made by me. issue solved now. thanks for your help.

(Juffin) #6

I think category logo should be displayed also when in the topic of the selected category.