Category border theme crossover

I changed the left border in one theme
one by one using the admin UI


and it affected another theme


I hid both now

// left border

.category-list tbody .category {
border-left: none;

but how’d this happen?

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How? From the category settings?

From what I can see the black color has been set directly there, see


and that is a global category setting, not per-theme


Yeah I went through each category in the new theme as they were white (on the left) and made them black to more closely match that theme (readyman) and when I switched back I noticed they had all changed to black there as well

seems like a :bug:

also noticed I can’t install the hamburger links component on the new theme either but my last report fell on deaf ears so :man_shrugging: … I just gave up and deleted it as its not official

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Category settings are global and apply to all themes. So you can’t change the category settings for one theme only.