Category cloud on user profile page

(Ashish Saihgal) #1

Not sure whether it has been raised before.

I wish there was a tag cloud on user profile page to quickly understand which categories is a particular user most active in? For example does he contribute more to “features” or “dev” or “bug” … category/sub-category on

I think it’ll be immensely useful on large forums both for users and administrators. Yes administrators can gather this information easily from database but isn’t it better to discourage direct db access?

(Sander Datema) #2

As this might not be needed for every Discourse install, this might be perfect for a future plugin.

(Ashish Saihgal) #3

On the contrary I think that every forum big or small will benefit from this feature. Users quickly get to know fellow users interests and so do moderators. For example a moderator will easily be able to deduce which categories are more popular with users from a particular geographical area? without writing a custom query joining multiple tables.

Besides I’m not aware of any popular forums having such a feature. So why not include it in the core when we’re building a discussion forum platform for the next decade?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Before we do that, I want to have a “top” view on the user profile that shows you that user’s most popular posts. You could then scan to see what category those posts tended to be in…