Category Content Forum Types

(Charles Wilmott) #1

Content Category Types for Videos, Questions, Events, Groups

  • Video Category will display thumb images of videos
  • Question Category will be the normal discourse question style
  • Event Category Content Types will show dates of the event
  • Groups allow you to add a group logo to the topic! :blush:

How it would work?

1.You make a category like you normally do in discourse
2.Then you select with a radio button what type of category type it is i.e Videos, Questions, Events, Group

I hope that’s helpful idea! :blush:

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(Lisa Wess) #2

Love this, we’d especially enjoy the event option - especially if it could order by the date of event instead of the date posted. :slight_smile:

(Charles Wilmott) #3

Thank @lisajill :blush:

You would have your normal default discourse category

and these other suggested options

Default Category Questions Type

Events category type suggestion

Video category type suggestion

Groups category type suggestion

Group topic is about weekly news or daily community news and updates.

They are generally for local area group members i.e “New York City People” or “London People”.
to talk about local events or local news updates

Everytime I want to find my own group topic I have to use the discourse search.
It would be easier if I had tab. So I can find all my forum group topics more easily! :blush:

But not all topics are group topics. So book marking be mixing my different topic types together

Give discourse social media look

Good idea, also, don’t forget image “gallery” discussions. Those could have some kind of preview images in the main category view.

(Joe Seyfried) #5

Great idea! Can this be implemented using HTML+CSS customizations only, or is there some more serious coding involved? I especially doubt that we can access post data to extract thumbnails (for videos or galleries) easily… any thoughts from the Discourse gurus? :wink:

(Charles Wilmott) #6

I read a article about online communities different types of communities

There are, broadly speaking, five different types of communities.

  • Interest. Communities of people who share the same interest or
  • Action. Communities of people trying to bring about change.
  • Place Communities of people brought together by geographic boundaries.
  • Practice. Communities of people in the same profession or Circumstance.
  • Communities of people brought together by external events/situations.

About 90% of community projects, especially branded communities, try to develop a community of interest. But a community of interest competes without our mental leisure time. Communities of interest are the hardest type of community to develop.

Why not consider exploring the other four types of community. It might set you apart from the competition and broaden your audience considerably.

A forum that offered these type of 5 communities support would have much large appeal and bigger market!

It would be nice it there was forum that could handle these Community type! :blush:

(Tobias Eigen) #7

this is a great, very useful quote - what’s it from? source URL?

(Charles Wilmott) #8

(Charles Wilmott) #9

I just added a category background image and it me gave a idea for topic groups! :smile:

Each image would link to the group topic!

What do you think? :blush:

Give discourse social media look
(Charles Wilmott) #10

On a group topic it would be nice to have a image next to the group name.
It just bit of a community feeling! :blush:


I love your idea, seriously… did u already done that? or ? (if yes, share?? :smiley: )

(Charles Wilmott) #12

Thanks Marko! I’m glad you liked the idea :blush:

It’s still just an idea


Love the idea, also would be good idea just guessing;

If we could make “Categories” to be exactly like group names. Sort of this - would be intresting to see that option available. Probably its hard to code it, but i’m sure that theres someone around capable of doing it! :smile: