Category does not show list

Please help checking my site ,
I could not figure out why clicking category but it does not show the contents or list .

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When I clicked on Category, I was presented with a list of your categories on the left side, the number of topics in each category, and the Latest Post in each category with the number of Replies on the right side. Is this not what you were expecting?

Edit: When I clicked on a category in the list of categories (as shown in my screenshot above), all I got was the perpetual loading icon (spinning wheel). This is happening no matter which category I select.

Clicking on Latest does list the Latest topics and clicking on any one of those does work - shows the Posts without any problem. So your problem is nothing loads from the Category List but does load okay from Latest. :thinking:

Thank you Jimpas ! for your reply . that “perpetual loading icon (spinning wheel)” is the issue I would like to resolve . usually it should show all the topics by clicking on category.

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Have you tried safe mode and removed custom plugins?

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