Category icons got blown up huge

Not sure if it is only me, but recently the icons for categories got expanded to a large size.

This is due to the following width calculation:

--max-height: 150px;
width: calc(var(--max-height) * var(--aspect-ratio));

Now, OK, my icons are SQUARES. Meaning aspect ratio is 1.

So all icons eventually got blown up to 150x150px, regardless of their uploaded size.

I suspect what you really want is:

max-width: calc(var(--max-height) * var(--aspect-ratio));

Not sure what you are reporting here but this is not a bug.

We also see this - as of a few weeks ago (can find exact date if needed) our category icons got WAY bigger (~4 times the size) than they used to be, so now you can’t see more than a couple of categories in the list and have to scroll which is less than ideal :wink:


Hello Stephen,

I’m seeing the same unwanted “feature”.
Would you happen to know where we could edit the file that makes those calculations?

Meanwhile I will edit the CSS.

I added customization from here and set appropriate limits to match my discourse requirements.
My categories are 32X32 so I changed max width to 32 from this thread.

  1. apparently a change was introduced to fix a bug. (too small)
  2. Now the change made it too big!