Category inside a subcategory

(Jared Needell) #1

Is it possible to create a category inside a subcategory, making a third level?

Sub Sub Categories?
(cpradio) #2

No, you can only have them 2 levels deep.

(Jared Needell) #3



(cpradio) #4

It has been discussed numerous times, it is pretty much a no-go. It is recommended to utilize tags when you need another level or organization. (and feature requests usually aren’t questions…) :wink:

(Dean Taylor) #5

(Jared Needell) #6

The tagger plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years, can anyone confirm if it still works.

(Dean Taylor) #7

Tagging is now integrated into the Discourse core in the latest beta

(Jared Needell) #8

Is just hashtag then type the tag name?

(Dean Taylor) #9

Far more integrated and full-featured…

All features from here are basically now in the core.

(Sam Saffron) #10

Yes this has been discussed plenty, pick one of the linked categories.

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