Category logo/image size

(João Pimentel Ferreira) #1

I’ve realised you have fixed size for category logo, which is 128x128(px)

Is there a way to change the logo size? I tried to make logos smaller with white areas around but then it appears a great white area around the icon making it not very aesthetic.

I tried to customize CSS, but with no success

.category-logo {
max-height: 50px;
max-width: 50px;

Thank you in advance

(João Pimentel Ferreira) #2

grrrr, just needed to change the image size :smile:

you don’t resize images!

thank you

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I can’t think of any reason CSS would not work here as well…

(João Pimentel Ferreira) #4

but it seems it doesn’t

Though it was better to resize the image as I suppose it takes less space

(| full stack virgin) #5

oh my… stupid me. :smiley: i just need to resize my category image lol! :smiley: