Category logo sizes went up dramatically last patch?

Ever since last patch, our category logos sorta poofed out:


It seems like images are being stretched to ~150px?

They’re roughly double the size they used to be. I couldn’t find this in the patch notes (or I’m blind, which is a possibility) - can anyone explain this?

OH. Category settings has a new option for setting dimensions – perhaps 256 is the new, stretched default


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Erm… removed answer from above. It now seems buggy after realizing the category thumbnail width/height doesn’t seem to actually change anything.:

Despite 128px selected:


Oops, missed the warning

“(rebake your posts if you change this).”

Sort of discouraging there’s no preview. Sometimes it’s hard to tell by dimensions alone what looks good. Sometimes you want to experiment with sizes to see what ends up looking best. You gotta rebake the entire thing?

A suggestion would be to allow preview image change of that single image after saving. Because of the confusion the image stretching when it didn’t normally do it, anyway, it would also be nice to move the input field hint of px above (px), then inside the hint put the default dimensions if unspecified.