Category name getting cut, why?

(Rodrigo Farcas) #1

Dont know why cat name gets cut on my forums. How can this be fixed?
Full cat name is “Perros” so it has room to be shown.



What version of Discourse are you running?
Mind linking to where this happens (so people can verify it themselves and troubleshoot easier) ?

(Rodrigo Farcas) #3

Sure! running Latest version 1.2.0.beta6


Also happens here, similar but the long category which showed up well in the overview shows up with elipsis in the thread:

Changing some CSS width fixes it. Weird. Usually is 100% - 2px, when the 2 is replaced with a 0 it displays as it should.

Chrome Version 41.0.2272.53 beta-m (64-bit) for reference.


Found the file responsible for this:

(Rodrigo Farcas) #6

Great! are you pushing this for next build?


Sorry, I’m not a Discourse developer – I’m just a random guy.

Submitting a patch to “fix” this would probably be wrong, as the guy who wrote it (@sam) probably had a reason to include these 2 pixel.

Commit that introduced this

(Sam Saffron) #8

I did, but something is odd here and messed up with box styling, probably going to need some help from @awesomerobot here. its surprisingly tricky to get a category badge to work properly.