Category of Topic won't change?

I tried to change the category of a Topic which is not pinned or archived or any of that.

When I try to save the change it just resets to the same old category. I tried multiple other categories and it won’t work.

Any assistance will be appreciated please.

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Is it a Discourse’s default category or topic?

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No, it’s one we created.

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There’s only one topic in your category, but Discourse always creates a “About this category” topic by default. This topic can’t be deleted or moved to another category.

My guess is that you renamed and unpinned this default topic. :slight_smile:

You can be sure of that by checking the first post’s edit history. The first version should have some placeholder text including:

(Replace this first paragraph with a brief description of your new category. This guidance will appear in the category selection area, so try to keep it below 200 characters.)


Understood. Will do thank-you.

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