Category Option - Disallow Image Uploads

I think this would be a handy category option. To be able to toggle enable/disable image uploads/embeds for each category (excluding onebox embed images).

Some benefits:

  • Minimise image storage if wanted.
  • Avoid upload of inappropriate images. Could possibly come through onebox, but less chance and those domains could be blacklisted.
  • Avoid upload of copyrighted images.

None of those benefits really apply to individual categories.

If you want to avoid eating up disk or falling foul of hosting copyrighted assets just move those file types from the authorized in /admin Into authorized extensions for staff.


Great! Thanks for the heads up about those global options.

I’d say there would still be some usefulness as a per category option. For example, allowing uploads in trusted categories that only TL2+ users are allowed to post in and not allowing it in categories TL0-1 users can post in.

Also if some specific categories are more prone to having copyright-infringing or inappropriate images uploaded into. Or just allowing it for categories where allowing images is necessary to be useful, but not for the others.

It’d admittedly be less useful though, seeing there is a global option to disable uploads entirely for all non staff users.

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