Category order not correct?


My site currently uses /categories as its home page. I tried enabling fixed category positions and moved some categories, but the order of categories did not change on that page even after reloading the page.

Also, without fixed positions, I noticed that the categories are not totally ordered by the number of posts or recent postings. A couple of categories moved today with the fixed positions disabled, but one category with many posts is still at the bottom.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something important?

Thanks, :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you make sure you clicked the green check button after checking the fixed category positions site setting?

Also when you changed the order in the Reorder Categories pop-up, did you make sure to hit the “Save Order” button at the bottom?

I know in more than one occasion I’ve forgotten to hit the save button when altering a setting :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’re sure about both of those things, then we can rule out some other possibilities.


Thanks, it turns out that I had to click the green check box after moving a category, and before clicking save.

I did notice a bug though. If you type in a number, the category moves and shows a green check box, but then if you hit an arrow button next to that category, the green check box disappears, even though you need it to save the new position.

In addition, when typing in a two digit number, the category would move to a new position after typing the first digit, as it should, then sometimes the cursor would exit the text box before you type the next digit, but not always. I think that this bug is less important, because you can always scroll to the new location and click in the text box.

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I also noticed that when not using the fixed positions, a category that says “7 / month” shows up under a category that says “0 / month” and that only has one pinned topic. All of the posts in this forum are new, and the newest post in the forum is for the category that says “7 / month”.